Under Cloud

Under Cloud is the place to share, annotate, and link excellent ideas.

Link ideas. Capture serendipity. Create knowledge.


Under Cloud is free during Beta Testing.
Now is the best time to get in on the action!

Under Cloud helps you keep track of what you learn by allowing you to link related notes and ideas together.

Link that note about "Apples" to that web page about "Oranges" with "Fruit" as the description.

Link ideas

Create connections between important ideas.
Under Cloud allows you to link notes together, creating your own mind map of ideas, research in web pages, messages from colleagues — whatever makes sense to you.

Create your own mind map of ideas.
Each note, bookmark, and message is its own self-contained discussion.


Need to jot a few thoughts down, or place a reminder? Excellent.
Separate your notes from your thoughts with comments.

With the Under Cloud, each bookmark, note, or message is its own little discussion forum, with threaded conversations.


Working as part of a team? Great!
Under Cloud let's you share your things with anyone in a team (see "Recent Activities"), via the narrative — a Twitter-like continuous stream of everything you create (see graphic, top).

Create multiple teams from any combination of people (“Study Group”, “Sales Team”, “Journos” for example).

A stream of "Recent Activities", to compliment the narrative.
Grab part or the entire web page with our Google Chrome extension.

Grab & Read

Grab now, read later on…
No more 404 errors, or lost bookmarks! With our extension for Google Chrome, Under Cloud lets you grab part or the entire web page, to link to, from, and share.

Save via Facebook Messenger

Working on the go? Excellent!
With our Facebook Messenger “bot” save web pages from a mobile device.

Save web pages from a mobile device via Facebook Messenger.
Anything shared, along with new bookmarks are labeled as ‘to-read’.

Read lists

Information overload? Read later on.
Anything shared with a friend or a team, along with new bookmarks are labeled as ‘to-read’.

Serendipity in a bottle

So you got lost in Wikipedia for 30 minutes. How? Who knows…

But what if that 30 minutes was spent trawling through your own domains of knowledge? Not a femtosecond lost.

We want to capture serendipity and bottle it.

Think of the vintage: the spiciness of that shared business know-how and the sweet aroma of experience.


So how do we capture serendipity in the first place? With assets, of course!
Assets are the core, the foundation, launchpad, catapult, whirring missile, a rocket to the skies — in short, assets are the Under Cloud.


I assume you've used Microsoft Windows, Apple's OS X, or Linux? Good.
Under Cloud, though, takes a different approach: behaviours (coming soon). With behaviours, folders take on different roles, depending on what you need to accomplish.


Ah, notes — the forge of our ideas, which we connect one to the other.
In the Under Cloud, notes are also discussion forums and nodes in a nebula of growing knowledge — your knowledge (as a technical aside, everything is a type of note, but we don't talk about that).


Researchers rejoice! Bookmarks are the web pages you find, grab, and save.
No more losing bookmarks in Chrome or Edge, no 404 "Page Not Found!" errors, or the horror upon realising the data you needed in that important article has gone — the Under Cloud has you covered.


Emails represent the vital ebb & flow of our essential communications.
When sending important emails, CC or BCC them to our special Under Cloud email address and make them a part of your ever-growing projects — then move them, add comments, and links.

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